At the recommendation of a colleague, Shawna was our mortgage broker during the purchase of a pre-build condo in 2017. Due to unusual circumstances on the developer’s end, finalizing this purchase was extremely difficult right off the bat. Shawna went way above and beyond to ensure we not only received the required documentation from our lawyers and the difficult developer, but also that we achieved the best rates and a mortgage style that suited us. When we were overseas for a month while the mortgage was still being finalized, we were confident we could relax knowing that Shawna would fight for us to get this mortgage wrapped up. Comparing our mortgage broker experience with a friend who bought in the same condo, it quickly became apparent that Shawna went way above her call of duty and it was evident she personally cared about helping us finalize the mortgage. We highly recommend Shawna to anyone who is looking to purchase and would like to make this process a little easier!

Alyssa & Mark Schurer

As first time home buyers, when my wife and I found the house we loved, it was a unique situation in which we were good friends with the sellers.

Because we knew the sellers, we had come to an agreement to complete the sale without the services of a realtor. Little did I know the challenges that lay ahead for us, as we frantically scrambled to coordinate a purchase agreement, financing, legal services, and the list goes on!

We had heard about Shawna from my brother, who highly recommended her. Shawna was quick to answer all our questions- in language we could understand- and get the ball rolling for us. We feel Shawna went above and beyond for us. It was a confusing and intimidating time, especially without the services of a realtor.

Shawna supported us throughout the entire process, and was quick to let us know which steps to follow and what lay ahead. She even recommended a lawyer for us! We got a great rate on our mortgage, and bought the home we loved. We simply could not have done it without her help.

I would absolutely recommend calling Shawna if you are looking for someone who will be in your corner, who understands your needs, and will do what it takes to get you into the home you love.

Chris & Tara van Kampen

We used Shawna four years ago when we obtained our first mortgage.  I was self-employed and my wife just started working for herself. I was very sceptical!  If you are self-employed, you know what I mean!!  Long story short…Shawna made it happen!!!!!  Fast forward 4 years and when that mortgage was up for renewal, we decided to stay with Shawna.  Again, I am still self-employed, but this time my wife had no income!! YES, again, Shawna made it happen!!!  Shawna has been very professional, timely in emails, accurate, and will go above and beyond in getting your concerns or questions answered!!!  She definitely understands self-employment and that in itself, is the reason we would never see any other broker than her.  Without any hesitations, I would so defintely recommend Shawna if you are self-employed, or just need someone on your side when getting a mortgage.  She really does work with you!!!

Mike Kremer